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Recording Sessions

Looking for a very experienced creative musician specializing in bass in a wide variety of genres? You're in luck!

I'm as happy playing in the pocket funk as unison rock riffs, keeping it simple for classic pop / rock or flamboyant liquid improvs in jazz, r&b or prog rock. I can also offer a unique FX style where required for an extended sound palette of loops and soundscapes.

My career includes many years recording tracks for my own releases, in session studio work as well as remotely for others. From my home I can provide high quality recordings using an RME Fireface UCX interface into Cubase 10.

I've previously made or appeared on recordings with Neil Yates (Lighthouse Family, Kate Rusby, Will Young), Mike Outram (Carleen Anderson), George Cooper (Haggis Horns, Abstract Orchestra), 05Ric (Gavin Harrison), Alan Barnes, Rob Brian (Siouxie & the Banshees, Peter Gabriel), art-rock band GRICE - (Luca Calabrese, Richard Barbieri (Japan), Steve Jansen (Japan), Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel), B.J.Cole), Siobhan McCrudden and many others.

Let me know how I can help you and your music.

Ruth Royall

Singer / Songwriter & Session Vocalist

Al is a great player to work with and extremely musical. He's very prompt and provides great quality content that is in-keeping with the music. It was a great experience working with him, highly recommended!

Gary Bamford

Composer & Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is without doubt one the most creative musicians I've had the pleasure to work with. He's gently honest in the studio, a truly instinctive improvisor, wonderful composer and selfless accompanist."

Session Discography

Here are some links to albums that I'm proud to have recorded on :



London-born, Art Rock musician GRICE returns with his second album Alexandrine, which builds on his highly-regarded debut album Propeller. His music has been described as ‘a challenging cocktail of electro-acoustic glitch, art-rock and avant-pop synthesis tempered into passionate and well-crafted songs.’

Siobhan McCrudden

Icarus Girl

Icarus Girl is the debut album by Siobhan McCrudden.

Described as “a singer who is gifted with one of the finest voices in contemporary UK folk music”, Cardiff-based Siobhan crafts songs of intensity and sweetness, recounting personal stories whilst reflecting a vivid fascination with dark folk tales and superstitions.

Becky Brine


The 4th album by singer songwriter Becky Brine.

An emotive collection of songs inspired by personal experience. Musically ranging through blues, classic rock, cajun, pop and jazz Becky navigates styles with humour and poignancy. 

Gary Bamford Trio

God, Love & Other Myths

The fifth album from Gary Bamford : God, Love and Myths is largely groove based and was almost entirely recorded live, with a few edits here and there. There are elements of jazz, jazz-funk, funk-rock, free jazz, and drum and bass, and although keys/drums/bass are at the core of this record, fans of electronica and fat synth bass lines won't come away disappointed.


Beautiful Dirt

All improvised immersive, mind-expanding soundscapes laced with solid musicianship.

This is the first album by experimental power trio Mahatmosphere.

Mark Lawrence - Guitars & FX

Al Swainger - Bass & FX

Marco Anderson - Drums, Keys & FX

Snow Giants


A heady mix of progressive rock, latin rhythms, heavy riffs and ambient soundscapes.

Improvised and post composed with

Mike Outram - Guitar & FX

Al Swainger - Bass, FX & Vocals

05RIC - Drums & Vocals

Pointless Beauty

After & Before

"A wonderful album, full of surprises, beautifully played and arranged. Original and well thought through this surely deserves wide recognition" - Claire Martin O.B.E.

"An amazing album… A joyous and melodic collection of original pieces, and I do mean original!" - Ant Law


The Music of Chick Corea

Mix Chick Corea with Radiohead in a blender then use the resulting cocktail to write film music and you might get something a little like this...

This album is both tribute and a re-imagining of some Chick Corea’s greatest compositions through a modern lens of Pointless Beauty production.

The Art Trip

The Music of Art Pepper

Featuring legendary UK saxophonist Alan Barnes. This is an authentic and loving tribute to the work of Art Pepper. 

Alan Barnes - Alto Sax

Craig Milverton - Piano

Al Swainger - Double Bass

Nick Millward - Drums.


The Absent Forest (Vol 1)

A collection of extended and alternative tracks that didn't make it on to the final one thousand birds album.

Also includes two live sessions from Sound Gallery studios recorded this year and a salvaged early studio mix of an exclusive NEW track, 'one-two-three-four' originally intended for the one thousand birds album.


The Grey of Granite Stone

The GREY of GRANITE Stone features 5 new tracks by art rock musician singer songwriter GRICE. 

With musical additions from the magical pedal steel of B J Cole, Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree) on keys, Steve Jansen (Japan), Al Swainger on bass, Joe Breban on drums and Duncan Chave on loops/programming.


One Thousand Birds

One Thousand Birds' is the 3rd album by art rock musician GRICE.

‘One thousand Birds’ is a sweet winters symphony for the unconsoled, an iridescent sonic display of feathered strength and vulnerability solidified into 13 songs that breathe introspection.
'If this is the Winter, we become the Spring'.

Gary Bamford

Composer & Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is without doubt one the most creative musicians I've had the pleasure to work with. He's gently honest in the studio, a truly instinctive improvisor, wonderful composer and selfless accompanist."


Composer, Producer, Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is highly inventive and innovative, both sonically and musically, and is extremely intelligent in his approach to music. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to add a sheen of professionalism to their music."

Jon Clark

Drummer, Percussionist and Session Musician

"Al is at once rock solid and delightfuly creative, with extensive musical experience, in a wide range of settings and styles."

Marco Maggiore

Drummer and Session Musician

"Al Swainger is an amazing bass player, we worked together on "One Thousand Birds" the 3rd studio album by British singer, songwriter, artist, producer GRICE! amazing sound and musical concept! i really loved to work with him.. hope we'll have the chance to share some music in future! I highly recommend him!"