Musician // Digital Artist // Bassist // Composer // Producer​

Musician // Digital Artist // Bassist // Composer // Producer

Musician // Digital Artist // Bassist // Composer // Producer

A cinematic ambient journey to other worlds. Improvised live as an expanding session of overdubs, each layer responding to the last, the finished pieces build a lush and intense soundscape.

"Loved this latest evocation of Pointless Beauty. Spiritual sustenance in these somewhat dispiriting times." - Chris Leonard

"I was totally captivated by the Departure. You have a great feel for ambient music" - Jesse Molins

Also available as a limited edition art card and digital album collection

Mix Chick Corea with Radiohead in a blender then use the resulting cocktail to write film music and you might get something a little like this...

A melodic soundscape of latin, fusion & ambience guaranteed to surprise and delight. Led by bassist Al Swainger with Jon Clark, Joe Northwood & Tom Berge. Click for more info and live dates

..the birth of a new layer of fusion... live sound design and live soundscape composition...beautifully and artfully intermixed with straight ahead jazz and improvisational mastery” - Julian Pinn

"A wonderful album, full of surprises, beautifully played and arranged. Original and well thought through this surely deserves wide recognition" - Claire Martin O.B.E.

"Atmospheric and varied… A confident and colourful album" - Theo Travis

"An amazing album… A joyous and melodic collection of original pieces, and I do mean original!" - Ant Law

Al Swainger - Bass, FX, Keys, Vocal FX / Neil Yates - Trumpet / Mike Outram - Guitar / George Cooper - Keys / Mark Whitlam - Drums

Coining the phrase ‘improvisational omni-fusion’, ​Snow Giants draw influences from a wide range of genres including prog, rock, jazz, ambient, world music and the avant-garde.

​Mike Outram – Guitars
Al Swainger – Bass, Soundscapes, Vocals
05Ric – Drums, Vocals

The Art Trip : The Music of Art Pepper was my first commercial release as a bandleader. Recorded and released on the Woodville label, in 2012, this ​was a really fun project to do.

“An album of pure class. Four brilliant musicians playing at the top of their game and recommended to all lovers of good jazz without hesitation. Loved every minute of it and it is already on my list of the best releases of 2012… It sounds like you all have a great deal of fun and that, for me, is the mark of a true classic in the making. “

– Alan Musson, Jazz Kaleidoscope 102.5 The Bridge

Alan Barnes – Alto / Craig Milverton – Piano / Al Swainger – Bass / Nick Millward – Drums