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Al Swainger

Composer, producer, digital artist and freelance electric and double bass player.

I take great delight in being versatile and exploring a wide range of musics. Growing up I learned to play a variety of acoustic instruments (bass, piano, french horn, guitar) alongside a fascination for sequencers, synths and fx pedals. I think of the music and art I produce as a form of emotional curation. I don't feel I really belong to a genre but  'cinematic fusion' might be as good a description as any.

"As inspired by Weather Report as Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Chick Corea it’s no surprise that Al Swainger’s authentic voice comes from some very eclectic places when it comes to expressing himself as performer and composer." - (Janinka Diverio) No Place Arts

"Al is without doubt one the most creative musicians I've had the pleasure to work with. He's gently honest in the studio, a truly instinctive improvisor, wonderful composer and selfless accompanist."

Gary Bamford

Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is highly inventive and innovative, both sonically and musically, and is extremely intelligent in his approach to music. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to add a sheen of professionalism to their music."


Composer / Producer / Vocalist & Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is a serious artistic force. His artistry is expressed through numerous long-running creative projects. He channels his sonic inspiration in a variety of ensembles and is also a talented graphic artist. His work is difficult to categorise, straddling many different styles, consistently pushing the boundaries of composition and performance through use of electronics and technology. He doesn't neglect the acoustic angle either and is also a disciplined acoustic bassist. Al has a rare combination of qualities - creativity plus real organisational skill. He is indefatigable and has the drive and persistence to see things through.

Ant Law

Composer / Guitarist

"A wonderful teacher who has a true love of music, which makes all the difference to students. Gave me the confidence to go to my first open-mic night too."

Kiera Osment

Singer Songwriter / Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is a great player to work with and extremely musical. He's very prompt and provides great quality content that is in-keeping with the music. It was a great experience working with him, highly recommended!"

Ruth Royall

Singer Songwriter / Session Vocalist

"Al Swainger is an amazing bass player, we worked together on "One Thousand Birds" the 3rd studio album by British singer, songwriter, artist, producer GRICE! amazing sound and musical concept! i really loved to work with him.. hope we'll have the chance to share some music in future! I highly recommend him!"

Marco Maggiore

Drummer / Session Musician

"Al is at once rock solid and delightfuly creative, with extensive musical experience, in a wide range of settings and styles."

Jon Clark

Drummer / Percussionist / Session Musician

"As a regular member of my Quartet for many years, Al has contributed a lot with his musicianship, arranging skills and extensive knowledge of the music industry. A great musician, composer and a very safe pair of hands at any live performance or recording session. ."

Annika Skoogh

Vocalist / Bandleader / Composer