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Biophosmos Album Cover

​Mix Chick Corea with Radiohead in a blender then use the resulting cocktail to write film music and you might get something a little like this...

​“..the birth of a new layer of fusion... live sound design and live soundscape composition...beautifully and artfully intermixed with straight ahead jazz and improvisational mastery” - Julian Pinn

Q*tet live dates : 

14/03/18 Jazz at the  Fringe, Bristol

18/05/18 The Be-Bop Club, Bristol

​09/08/18 Tiny Rebel, Cardiff

24/10/18 Swing Unlimited, Bournemouth

15/11/18 Future Inn, Bristol

18/11/18 Teignmouth Jazz Festival

​01/02/19 CICCIC, Taunton

​20/03/19 The Speakeasy, Torquay

​29/11/19 Meeting House, Ilminster (w/Ant Law)

Al Swainger - Bass, FX & Ableton

Jon Clark - Drums

Joe Northwood - Sax

Tom Berge - Keys


"A wonderful album, full of surprises, beautifully played and arranged. Original and well thought through this surely deserves wide recognition" - ​Claire Martin O.B.E.

​​"Atmospheric and varied… A confident and colourful album" - Theo Travis

"An amazing album… A joyous and melodic collection of original pieces, and I do mean original!" - ​Ant Law

​Al Swainger - Bass, FX, Keys, Vocal FX

​Neil Yates - Trumpet

​Mike Outram - Guitar

​George Cooper - Keys

Mark Whitlam - Drums