​Professional Bassist & Teacher

​Making ​Better Music 

for audiences, creators and students

Projects 2020

​Being a freelance musician means the number of active projects varies all the time. The current COVID-19 emergency has mothballed everything as far as live performance for the time being sadly. Here are some of the projects that you can enjoy in some form online.

This is my main creative outlet. I make music, art and video under the Pointless Beauty umbrella. As a concept the brief is that I make things that I, personally, find emotionally rewarding in some way. As an artist it's wonderful to see beauty in all things and to try and share that sensation with others. To those unable to connect or find purpose in what I do my work will seem pointless but for me it will always be beautiful.


Pointless Beauty

​A range of albums and singles are currently available on Bandcamp


​Pointless Beauty

​I've been making digital art since about 2014. ​​I use my phone ​in combination with the Snapchat editor. I gave myself those limitations so that all the source material would be drawn from my daily experiences & be produced quickly. The images are mostly abstract but I usually have a train of thought that leads to the end result.


​Pointless Beauty +

​I'll be sharing bits of what it's like to be a self-employed creative here. New Pointless Beauty creations, snippets from other projects and info on my educational book 'Making Better Music'. If you fancy chipping in to 'buy me a coffee' or to offer

 support in any way you can every penny and word of encouragement is gratefully received!


​Tributes to the jazz greats and writing collaborations. I'm also available as a session bassist for hire if you are interested in booking me for recording sessions

​Snow Giants


A heady mix of progressive rock, latin rhythms, heavy riffs and ambient soundscapes.

Improvised and post composed with

Mike Outram - Guitar & FX

Al Swainger - Bass, FX & Vocals

05RIC - Drums & Vocals


​​The Music of Chick Corea

​​Mix Chick Corea with Radiohead in a blender then use the resulting cocktail to write film music and you might get something a little like this...

This album is both tribute and a re-imagining of some Chick Corea’s greatest compositions through a modern lens of Pointless Beauty production.

​The Art Trip

The Music of Art Pepper

​Featuring legendary UK saxophonist Alan Barnes. This is an authentic and loving tribute to the work of Art Pepper. 

​Alan Barnes - Alto Sax

Craig Milverton - Piano

Al Swainger - Double Bass

Nick Millward - Drums.

​James Waymont

​Composer, Drummer, Orchetrator, Arranger

"​Wasn't expecting this sort of score at all but I really liked it! Makes you view the scene in a whole different light and puts you firmly in the head of Aaron Paul's character. ​Really refreshing to watch and a wonderfully written piece of music too! ​"

​Julian Pinn

​Motion Picture & Broadcast Industry Specialist

"​​Your score brought goosebumps to me and left the action exposed with little punctuation. You brought me on a journey into the mind of the guy. ​You've got an amazing talent.!"

​Annika Skoogh

​Vocalist, Bandleader & Composer

"As a regular member of my Quartet for many years, Al has contributed a lot with his musicianship, arranging skills and extensive knowledge of the music industry. A​ great musician, composer and a very safe pair of hands at any live performance or recording session. ."