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January 15, 2021


June 16, 2020


April 25, 2020


About ​Al Swainger

​Al has performed, recorded and taught all over the country and internationally for more than 25 years. 

Highlights include sessions, tours and workshops with :

Peter King, Grice, Paul Jones, P.P. Arnold, Scott Hamilton, Siobhan McCrudden, Gary Bamford, Gilad Atzmon, Mike Outram, Alan Barnes, Ant Law and many more as well as h​is own projects : 

Pointless Beauty, Biophosmos, Snow Giants and Mahatmosphere.

They Say

​Gary Bamford

​Composer & Multi-Instrumentalist

"Al is without doubt one the most creative musicians I've had the pleasure to work with. He's gently honest in the studio, a truly instinctive improvisor, wonderful composer and selfless accompanist."

​Kiera Osment

​Singer Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist

"​​A wonderful teacher who has a true love of music, which makes all the difference to students. Gave me the confidence to go to my first open-mic night too."

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