Outer Planets II Exclusive Pre-Listen

My second fully ambient release is a special commission for artist Naomi Hart. Initiated as a sonic assistant to her own creative process for the work 'Shell' it also developed a life of its own as sequel to my original 'Outer Planets' album released in 2018.

For my own part, based on some outline concepts from Naomi but without knowing what she would eventually create, I worked on making an album that could both be specific to her needs and also stand alone as work in its own right. An aural narrative imagining a river gradually becoming more industrialised and polluted as it moves towards the ocean for 'The River, Becoming'. The 'Ocean, Returning' moving in reverse, but concluding elsewhere, starting from a polluted environment that is gradually cleansed. I wanted to convey a sense of symbiotic process that doesn't impose a specific interpretation of how the conclusion is reached. Do we burn ourselves out and nature reclaims itself or does our society shift and align with nature through choice?

Released Fri May 7th on Bandcamp