​Time Wasters - Welcome to Wasteland

Time Wasters - Welcome To Wasteland
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​Recorded in 2007 this is a snapshot of the seven piece fusion band I ran at the time and a second foray into the studio with a personal project.

  1. ​ I'm Coming Home​ (Christian McBride)
  2. ​Appointment In Ghana (Jackie Maclean)
  3. Groove Medication (Al Swainger)
  4. Mambo Influenciado (Chucho Valdez)
  5. Know Need (Al Swainger)
  6. In Case You Missed It (Bobby Watson)
  7. S'Got To Be You (Al Swainger)

​Graham Hutton - Trumpet / Roz Harding - Alto Sax / Otto Caretta - Tenor Sax​ / ​Neil Burns - Guitar / George Cooper - Keys / Al Swainger - Bass / Gary Evans - Drums

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Tim Powell Morris at The Music Mill 2007

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