Snow Giants

Mike Outram – Guitar                    05Ric – Drums                    Al Swainger – Bass

Improvisational Omni-Fusion Trio


Snow Giants is an improvised trio making heavy use of fx pedals, direct tones and a wide range of musical influences to give ourselves as much sonic freedom as possible in creating new music. Between us we share a lot of love and experience of rock, jazz, world music, prog rock, fusion, pop and who knows what else. This project is about letting all of that pour out as the mood takes us and seeing what happens. Sometimes this results in down & dirty funk and at others soaring ambient soundscapes but can as easily be anything in between – it’s always exciting finding out what will happen on the day!

Snow Giants first album ‘UN’ will be released on May 25th 2015.

The joy of working in a studio environment is that the limitations are different from what is possible live. The excitement of live improvised music is that it happens spontaneously in front of you, once it’s gone it’s gone. The possibility of mistakes UN - Album Coverand the rawness of the unknown are part of the experience. On a studio recording the expectations and opportunities for creativity are different. This album began with three hours of spontaneous recorded material. Subsequently we’ve taken lots from that first session, added fresh layers of improvisation and produced tracks that form a more nuanced experience. At it’s core this is still an improvised record and the end results are something that could not have been achieved any other way. We feel we’ve produced something really unique and we hope you do too.

Cover Photo “The Visitor” by Mark Colman. Mastering by “Capt Pelle” Andrea Pellegrini at WHITE SOUND MASTERING STUDIO in Firenze

Here’s an unused track which forms a kind of prelude to the album to whet your appetite :