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Pointless Beauty

Cornwall Bass PhotoPointless Beauty began as a growing collection of my own original music. Some of it is created purely by me (either on solo bass or with a variety of instruments) and some of it is created to be performed with other musicians. While it would be a lie to say I don’t care what people think of my music, it is true to say that I have stopped allowing that consideration to stop me from trying things out.

One of the things I really like about making music is that the things I think I’d like to create rarely turn out to be what I actually make. The process of listening and experimenting seems to dictate to me what should happen – when I try and force it the other way round I tend not to be so satisfied.

So what I’m getting at is that this project could be anything and changes and evolves as I go along. My first collection (Vol. 1 – A Lonely Vigil) was released on 31/12/14 and you can take a listen on the player below.

Vol. 2 – After & Before began recording on 08/06/15 and features Neil Yates – Trumpet / Mike Outram – Guitar / George Cooper – Keys / Mark Whitlam – Drums as well as myself on bass, keys and whatever else takes my fancy.

You can hear a short album teaser here :

Since I started I’ve also become interested in photography and film-making. Although these are areas in which I’m much less proficient (due to their relative ‘newness’ to me) my creative process seems to need to find an outlet in those ways too. As ‘Pointless Beauty’ continues to evolve as a concept this has felt quite a natural direction to embrace. As a result there’s now a Flickr group too!

If you are interested in collaborating in any way then please feel free to get in touch. You can message me directly or join the Pointless Beauty Community page on Facebook and get involved there.

Here’s my original ‘mission statement’ :

The title ‘Pointless Beauty’ refers to my own disaffection with what I’m constantly bombarded with as the ‘correct’ way of doing things. There’s a perception that art should serve a commercial purpose and each area of creators or promoters seem to have quite fixed ideas about what that entails. The only purpose of the things created for this project is that I, personally, should find them emotionally rewarding in some way – hopefully other people will connect with it in their own way. For those unable to connect or find purpose in what I create this will seem pointless but for me it will always be beautiful.