​​Pointless Beauty - A Lonely Vigil

Al Swainger's Pointless Beauty - A Lonely Vigil
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​A first collection of soundscapes and improvisations for my solo project Pointless Beauty​ created and performed entirely by me.

I chose the title ‘Pointless Beauty’ to refer to my own disaffection with what I’m constantly bombarded with as the ‘correct’ way of doing things. There’s a perception that music should serve a commercial purpose and each area of music creators or promoters seem to have quite fixed ideas about what that entails. The only purpose of the music created for this project is that I, personally, should find it emotionally rewarding in some way – hopefully other people will connect with it in their own way. For those unable to connect or find purpose in what I create this music will seem pointless but for me it will always be beautiful.

​Released December 31, 2014​
All performance, composition, arrangement, production & mixing by Al Swainger.

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