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How much do you charge for...

Session work​

​Rates for recording and rehearsal are £30 p.h. I'm an experienced sight reader and improviser used to working things out on the fly or following complex arrangements as required. I've recorded music in a wide variety of genres over the years and welcome requests from any sphere. Obviously if you are on a tight budget the more prepared you are in advance the quicker I can be for you and the ​cheaper it will be.


Lessons are £50 p.h. for one to one lessons. ​All sessions are tailored to the individual's needs and ​will move at an appropriate pace. 

One off consultation type sessions where students just require a large amount of information to work on themselves are welcome.

​Live performances

​House gigs and other private bookings are available from £150 depending on your needs. A variety of situations can be catered for and I'm happy discuss things with you to make sure you book exactly what you need for your occasion.

​Production & arrangment

​My day rate is £210 and you're free to work as directly with me as you wish. ​My goal is to help you​ realise ​the full potential of your own music and provide the skills and experience necessary to do so. I can ​create bespoke arrangements, book the best musicians, coach you through getting the best performance from yourself, source appropriate studio space and many other related activites ​necessary to releasing a recording as needed.

​Email : alswainger@yahoo.co.uk

​Phone : 07859027973



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