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Who’s the New Kid?

When I moved to Bristol from Exeter I effectively hit the reset button on the amount of work I became asked to do locally for a while. I found that while I was still involved in all the long term projects I was before, (they have always been more spread out geographically anyway), I definitely […]

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Do, Re, Mi, me, Mi

I decided I want to sing more. One of the things I notice about singing in other countries / cultures is that people just do it. They don’t necessarily worry about the quality of their voices or pitch perfect tuning – the important thing is to sing, to express themselves. The current Western pop machine […]

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Sophie’s Elbow

Sophie & Al (Shadow Chat)

Today is an ‘After & Before’ day for me. Two days ago my wife, Sophie, slipped and fell. She broke her ulna and now has a piece of bone floating, unattached, in her elbow. With luck she’ll have an operation today and be pinned back together by this evening. In the meantime I wait. Between […]

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How to learn ‘Groove’

The bad news – Despite what everyone wanting to sell you a book or instructional course may tell you, no one can really teach you. It’s just too subtle a thing. The good news – What a good one-to-one teacher can help you with is develop a good, reliable process for how YOU can teach […]

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The Value of Restriction (part 1)

It’s become accepted wisdom that more is better, and where more isn’t appropriate then new is better. Advertising depends heavily on it. The less restrictions we have in our lives the more choice we have and that’s a good thing. But is that really true? I’ve just cancelled a subscription to Sky. Leaving aside the […]

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The Aware Musician : Better

Better. Better is what you make it.. Better  could mean all sorts of things… It doesn’t inherently mean faster, more complicated, louder or more expensive. It doesn’t inherently mean slower, less complicated, quieter or cheaper. It doesn’t inherently mean more familiar. It doesn’t inherently mean less familiar. It can mean any of those things to […]

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