Al Double Bass

​II’ve been a​ bassist for 30 years now and accumulated extensive experience in a wide variety of situations and genres in that time. ​Being a seasoned improviser, sight-reader, session player and MD has seen me heavily in demand on both electric and double basses. 

I relocated to Bristol from Exeter in 2016​ but have always travelled extensively to perform and record.

​​Although I'm a regular member of many projects I also operate as a freelance player to satiate my eclectic tastes!

​As an electric player I currently compose and perform with Pointless Beauty, Snow Giants & the forthcoming Outside In. As well as performing with, I also arrange and compose for the Annika Skoogh Quartet (new album due early next year) and ​am in the process of producing Becky Brine's next album as well. 

On double bass I'm a regular member of Digby Fairweather's Half Dozen, Ed Leaker's Swing Machine and the recently formed King Kong Trio. I'm also part of the house trio for Exeter based jazz club The Blue Vanguard which has run successfully since 2011 and backed a host of national and international artists.

Some recording highlights from my career so far include :

​My first CD as bandleader 'The Art Trip : the music of Art Pepper' came out in 2011 and featured british sax legend Alan Barnes. If you would like to hear an example of my double bass playing in a jazz context this is a release I'm particularly proud of.

​Collaborative improvisation project Snow Giants 'UN' features a more aggressive and rock based side of my electric playing with occasional soundscapes. Mike Outram, 05Ric and I are currently planning to record more at the end of this year.

As a session musician I've worked regularly for Grice for the last five years and can be heard on the 'Alexandrine' album and recent single 'Change My World'. This project took advantage of everything in the form of electric fretless, fretted, acoustic double and heavily fx'd basses to blend pop with occasionally avant-garde electronica.

My most recent album 'Pointless Beauty - After & Before' has been gathering some glowing reviews and mainly features my fretless playing and original compositions. Super grateful to Neil Yates, Mike Outram, George Cooper & Mark Whitlam for their beautiful playing and helping make this a reality.  ​