The Art Trip

Alan Barnes – Alto / Craig Milverton – Piano / Al Swainger – Bass / Nick Millward – Drums

The Art Trip : The Music of Art Pepper was my first commercial release as a bandleader. Recorded and released on the Woodville label, in 2011, this is a really fun project to do.

If you’d like to book the band for future gigs then please contact me.

The Art Trip : The Music of Art Pepper
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The bestselling 2012 album featuring Alan Barnes
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“Art’s original recordings were invariably uplifting and tinged with genuine humour and it’s these characteristics that this spirited foursome has taken into account while endeavouring to make this collection so highly attractive. By no stretch of the imagination is this a half hearted cop-out but a genuine celebratory affair that does credit to all those involved and Art Pepper’s memory.”

– Roy Carr, Jazzwise

“An album of pure class. Four brilliant musicians playing at the top of their game and recommended to all lovers of good jazz without hesitation. Loved every minute of it and it is already on my list of the best releases of 2012… It sounds like you all have a great deal of fun and that, for me, is the mark of a true classic in the making. “

– Alan Musson, Jazz Kaleidoscope 102.5 The ‘Bridge

“Tribute albums tend to linger creatively in an acknowledged past, but this album bursts with the vitality of a new creative presence.”

– Digby Fairweather

“Four top class musicians have combined to produce a masterpiece…This CD is excellent and thoroughly recommended as a must buy for all discerning jazz fans”

– George Giles, Devon Jazz Diary

user reviews

“More than impressed – it swings – it has musicality in spades – it all really works, a joy.”

“My daughters love it! L… will pick up the case and hand it to F… who puts it on – as soon as it starts so does the dancing;)))”

“Having collected over the years a large collection of cd’s by the brilliant Alan Barnes, I must say I put this particular one at the very top. Being a long time admirer of the late great Art Pepper, this cd was made for me.”

“Stylish and tasteful playing by all, well presented and well recorded.”

“It is impossible to pick the best moments of this recording. There are thirteen tracks of musical perfection. I am a big fan of Alan Barnes’ ballad playing and “Imagination” provides a fine example. ”Our Song” is another wonderful track.”

“If you only purchase one modern mainstream jazz recording this year make it this one.”

“I’m not a musician, far from it and my knowledge of Art Pepper is limited but I really like music. This is an album you can play over and over and not get bored or frustrated. It soothes my brain and makes me smile. There are some enjoyable solos but with none of that ‘self indulgance’ found with some jazz. If you like music you shouldn’t be disappointed:-)”

“I was pleasantly suprised when I popped this one in the player, it’s one for all the family for a little boogie or some chill time in front of the fire. Definitely one for the collection, thanks!”

“Loved the gig at Cowes…Been playing the ‘The Art Trip’ pretty well non-stop since that evening. Fabulous!”